Woo-hoo! We create involving experiences.

We work to make web a beautiful place.

We craft beautiful designs and convert them into

fully functional and user-friendy web app.


Elle Pumpvangen Game

A simple but viral game where the player must catch all shoes falling from above. The player with the highest score was winning a prize.

Spread the love

A viral website for S.Valantine: choose your love locket, write a message and send it to your beloved one.


Facebook landing pages for Mamtak. We take care of the case study, the design, the implementation and the evaluation of the stats.


Video banner with Google Analytics and mute/unmute button. We create banners, video banners, presentations.


Video advertising for tv. We think at the concept, shot the video and make the post editing.


Augmented Reality game complete of hardware installation: 4 big screens, a computer and a webcam. We create the perfect visuals for your event.

Claudio Bellosta

Personal Identity Branding

Personal Identity Branding of Claudio Bellosta.

Briga Novarese

Briga Novarese

Designs for flyers for an italian football team.

Lego Ironman

Lego Ironman

Lego Ironman realized in 3D.

Restaurant Lago degli Elfi

Restaurant Lago degli Elfi

Website and branding.

Lego Blender

Lego Bender

Lego Bender realized in 3D.

Lego Skull

Lego Skull realized in 3D.


Web design

Premium design for your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Pages

Fan acquisition

Acquisition and fidelization of your followers

Active posting

Continuous interaction with fans/followers

Offline Marketing

Evaluation of possible offline actions

David Beerman Scott:

"Think like a publisher, not a marketer"

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Meet the team

Giulio Grasso

Developer, SEO, Marketing

Claudio Bellosta


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Giulio is a developer with an informatic university degree and 12 years experience developing websites, games, applications, advertising.

Claudio is a designer graduated at the European Institute of Design and has 5 years experience in digital brand marketing.

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